Employee Spotlight

What St. Francis Rehabilitation and Nursing Center employees are saying:

“I have been working at St. Francis for 19 years. What remains consistent is our commitment to putting the care of our residents first and foremost. We make this happen through the efforts of our hard-working professional and dedicated staff.”

– Claire Posner, LPN

“I have always loved working with seniors and in nursing homes, and our approach of resident-centered care is very important to me. This is their home. I want to work in a place where the residents are the number one priority and we all have that mentality – it’s why we’re here.”

– Asiah Newsome, RN

“Our jobs are exceptionally rewarding because the care here is wonderful. I see it every day. I’m so proud to be a part of this group! There are smiles, and there are hugs. There is laughter, and there is the wonderful care that all of my coworkers give!”

– Carolyn Gentile, LMNA

“I’ve found my calling at St. Francis. Everyone is on board in making the residents number one, and that’s what I’ve been looking for my whole career. I got into this work to do the most good and help as many people as I could. St. Francis and Catholic Charities have given me the tools and the ability to do that. All my experiences and travels have led me here and I think I’m supposed to be here.”

– Josh Whatley, LNA

“As a staff, we’re connected and we’re a team, which makes it feel less like work. Our one goal is to help people and make their lives better and we do it together. I enjoy coming to work every day. I love it here!”

– Shawn Sinclair, LNA

“The Pathways scholarship from Catholic Charities has given me this opportunity to further my career. It’s important because I want to keep moving forward and being better than I am today. St. Francis has been very accommodating with the schedule to allow me to get to classes – everyone has been so supportive.“

– Joeline Barge, LPN

“I went from folding clothes for seven hours a day in retail to potentially having someone’s life in my hands. It’s an amazing and rewarding career path, and I love the residents so much. They have so many stories and I love listening to them. You create a bond with everyone here and that’s what is most enjoyable about working here.”

– Evelyn Martinez, LNA