Dining Options

Conversations around the dinner table

A late-night snack watching your favorite movie or maybe just lunch served in your room when you feel like some alone time. The meals we eat – when we eat them and who we eat them with – are a vital part of the day for many of us.

That’s why our culinary director at St. Francis prepares an ever-changing menu of foods using fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Meals are prepared on-site, and our chef and dietitian work closely to make sure they meet the residents’ needs and their wants. Menus are varied, changing daily and with the seasons so there is something new to look forward to every day. There are always two entrees to choose from in addition to multiple side dishes. 

By preparing food fresh, our culinary director and dietitian can design a menu tailored to the unique dietary and lifestyle needs of each resident, everything from vegetarian to gluten-free to food that accommodates specific medical needs.

We don’t outsource our food service and our menus are unique to St. Francis. And if it’s not on the menu, just ask, and we will do our best to make it. Our chefs have been known to take a resident’s family recipe and incorporate it into the day’s menu!

And, by offering flexible dining options, there is food available 24/7, whether it is one of the regional dinner favorites we like to highlight or a decadent dessert.

We pride ourselves in restaurant-style service for residents and their loved ones. Want to have a family get together? We can arrange a private room.

Eating meals we enjoy is not just comforting, but also therapeutic since a healthy diet is an essential part of any wellness plan.

Click Here to download a sample menu.